5 tips for choosing your prescription eyeglasses

by Coralie

Choosing your prescription eyeglasses is not something you should take lightly; it is an important decision that will allow you to have better vision and therefore a better quality of life. There are many things to consider, not just finding online discount glasses, but making sure they are well made.

Prescription eyeglasses are the medical solution for various eye diseases, which in some way affect everyday activities such as reading or working. Technology has advanced a lot with corrective surgeries, however, this type of glasses is still an option for many people.

There are eye diseases that are related to age, many others to genetic reasons and others to certain habits or other pathologies. Prescription eyeglasses make it possible to correct these defects, or at least stop the disease from progressing.

Taking all this into account, choosing your eyeglasses is a very important decision, and here are some tips that can help you.

1. Visit an ophthalmologist

This may seem obvious, but it is always advisable to visit a professional, especially when it comes to your visual health. Everyone has different cases or conditions, so the prescription is unique for everyone.

If you are interested in prescription eyeglasses it is because something is wrong, so it is time to visit an ophthalmologist who can give you a diagnosis and assign you the prescription that corresponds to you and then have your glasses made.

2. Identify your eye disease

After visiting the ophthalmologist you will be able to determine what your visual disease or defect is, from there with your prescription formula then you can begin the search for the right eyeglasses for you.

The diagnosis is key to be able to choose your eyeglasses, from this will depend on the lenses that best suit you and even the technology of them to ensure you have a perfect vision.

3. Choose a quality optical store

There are many online optical stores, so you certainly have a lot of options. If you’re having a hard time choosing which store is the best, a good way to find out is to check the reputation of the stores online.

When it comes to prescription eyeglasses, you need to take a decision like this very seriously, so check out forums and review sites for customer and user feedback.

4. Consider your face shape

If you are already clear about your diagnosis and prescription, then you can pay attention to the aesthetic part. When choosing the frame for your prescription eyeglasses, make sure you choose one that really suits your face shape.

Not all models of eyeglasses fit all people. If you have a round face, avoid round or oval frames; but if your face is more square then you might want to consider them.

5. Check the material of manufacture

Nowadays it is possible to find prescription eyeglasses made of many different materials, it will all depend on your tastes or needs.

Acetate frames are the most recommended for their strength, durability and flexibility. In addition to this, they are hypoallergenic, so they are ideal for sensitive skin.

There are also plastic and metal frames, which may be the best depending on the lenses you need to wear, and even the shape of the frame, since not all shapes adapt to the same material.


These are some tips to take into account before buying your prescription eyeglasses that can help you, besides, you don’t have to be guided by the price. Not all expensive glasses are quality, and not all cheap eyeglasses are mediocre.

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