Difference between the lace frontal and lace closure

Difference between the lace frontal and lace closure

Lace closure and lace frontal both are best if you have planned to buy a wig for yourself. Both of them will give the illusion that hair is grown up directly from your scalp. Lace frontals and closures help you in braiding and protecting your natural hair. This simply means that your natural human hair will not be left out. The difference that is significant between the lace frontal and lace closure is their cost, versatility, and size. Whenever you see someone talking about extensions or wigs the first thing that will come to your mind will be lace frontal or closure.

Let’s take a look at lace frontal and closure. This guide will help you whether you should buy frontal wigs or closure wigs.

What is lace frontal?

It is best for those women whose hair is thin. It is relatively easy to mask your scalp on the spots where there is hair loss. It goes from your ear to ear and 4-5 bundles are required to sew this half wig. Don’t worry If you do not know a lot about this wig, you will be happy to know that you can try multiple types of hairstyles by using frontal wigs. The size of these laces is normally measured in inches, and the frontal’s size Is 13x4 in inches. This is usually costly as it’s made from high-quality materials but you just need fewer bundles. These laces are called lace frontal because it covers the front of your hairline.

What is a lace closure?

For women who love simple hairstyles and want to look natural, closure is a better option for them. Lace closures are usually less expensive than lace frontals. Lace closures are not used for recreating the hairline. And usually come In square sizes like 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and some more. These are used for covering the size from temple to the temple. All of the closure wigs sit on the top of the head in the horseshoe part. Closures are also of different types. It can be of silk or lace. But most comfortable, thinner, and flexible is lace closure. It gives your head an invisible transformation look. There is a good thing about it you can get a natural look without blending.

Benefits of wearing lace frontal

· Breathable

Wearing a wig all day long can be difficult for everyone if it does not allow your hair to breathe. But Lace frontal wigs allow your scalp and hair to breathe and you will feel comfortable even in hot weather. This wig allows the air to flow continuously through your hair and scalp.

· Less installation time

It takes an average of 50 minutes to install a normal lace frontal wig. It requires much lesser time for installation as compared to natural hair extensions. Some extensions can even take up to 4 hours for styling. But lace frontal wigs are best in this aspect as they require a little to no time for installation.

· Styling of hair

One of the advantages of the lace frontal wig is that you can style your hair however you want. It will give you a natural hairline so you can style yourself in your desired hairstyle.