How To Choose A Great Wig

How To Choose A Great Wig

Weaves and wigs are currently making waves in the fashion world. Now, many would rather pick one of these over their natural hair, and we have to admit, these items can make you go from a zero to a hundred in spilled seconds. Still, if you want to achieve that gorgeous look, you must know how to choose the correct wig. Before you add any wig to your collection, you need to know what exactly you are looking for, as this will help you make the right purchase.

If you’d like to know how to choose a great wig, then you need to read this piece right here. At the end of the day, it’s not just about wearing a wig, but wearing the right one.

Cap size

The first thing you need to know about wigs is that they’re available in diverse cap sizes. That means you can’t afford to purchase a wig without an idea of your wig cap size. Knowing your wig cap size means you can get a wig that’s your size. You can get your wig cap size by taking a measurement of your head circumference with a tape measure, and you can do this yourself.

Select your colors prudently

Colors make the world go round, so also does it make wigs more beautiful. And wigs exist in different colors, so you have a wide array of options to choose from. This is the part where you might get a little confused and not know which of these bursting colors to pick. To make things easier for you, if you’re into flashy things, you can go for bright colors like ginger or purple colored wigs. But if you’d rather look natural and cool, then you should opt for natural colors instead.

The kind of wig you want

There are basically two kinds of wigs – human and synthetic hair wigs – and they both have their uses. While the synthetic hair wigs are cheaper and less durable, human hair wigs are more expensive and durable. You should weigh your options and see which one better serves your purpose. If your budget allows it, and you want something that will last longer, then you can go for the human hair. If you don’t that much money, a synthetic hair wig will serve you well.

Length of hair

Wigs come in three major sizes; short, mid-length, and long. Long wigs are easy to style and are more fashionable.  However, they are expensive and are known to make you feel hot, especially when the weather is warm. Short and mid-length hairs, on the other hand, aren’t easy to style, but they’re more practical and easier to maintain. As we’ve already mentioned, your options will determine which you go for, and if you’ve got the money, you can get all three lengths.


We admit that it might be a bit difficult to choose a wig, especially when it’s your first time. Even people who’ve bought wigs in the past still face this dilemma every now and then. This article has definitely helped to solve some of the questions you might have, and we’re sure you’re well on your way to getting yourself the best wig.