How to Get FIFA 23 Coins Fast and Legal

How to Get FIFA 23 Coins Fast and Legal

It's possible that EA Sports designed FIFA 23 Ultimate Team so that users would pay real money for FIFA Points, but you are not required to. There are now more opportunities than ever to earn coins without spending a dime, thanks to the community's hard-earned experience.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Trading Fodder Investments

You must be very active in trading if you want to generate coins fast. But there are many products you can purchase in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team that will increase in value over time if you are willing to wait for investments to develop.

The Squad Building Challenge fodder is your safest investment. In previous years, cards with ratings of 83 and higher in well-known leagues, countries, and positions. These cards often cost less at the beginning of the game (when there are few SBCs with squad rating criteria) and also decrease in cost during times of heavy supply or when SBCs occasionally begin to thin out.

The trick is to stock up on many of these cards when prices are low, then watch for EA to release well-liked SBCs that require high-rated cards to finish, which will jolt demand. For instance, the Harry Maguire card with 84 rating in the most recent FIFA was initially sold for 1500 coins, but by November, when the first Base Icon Upgrade SBC is up, it was selling for 6–8k per card.

Choose a cheap SBC fodder card (84-rated Muniain and Declan Rice look solid options if you're willing to wait), then purchase as many of them as possible. Spending 50% of your coins on investments like these can be a decent general rule of thumb. Don't spend all your coins on these because you want some left to spend on other things.

Team of the Week cards are an additional choice for investments. Team of the Week 1 player can be a solid bet if you find yourself with many coins early on because they will be the cards that are least likely to be produced and become extinct or sell right away at their maximum Buy It Now (BIN) price. Purchasing other TOTWs at near to or the discard price is also an excellent investment because their prices will rise as they become more valuable for SBCs.

Get Coins from Lightning Rounds and Rewards

Try lightning rounds and reward periods if you have a few hours weekly to trade and want quick returns. Buying cheap and selling expensive is basic economics.

Target players note their usual price in advance. Maybe 87-rated Fabinho from SBC. When prizes or Lightning Rounds hit, buy them at lesser prices than usual. Wait a few hours until the extra supply drains and the price recovers, then sell.

Mass bidding can be more effective. After 59 minutes, search your target player's listing. You can bid low on cards that should be more expensive, and the sheer amount of cards scanned means some offers go unchecked. During busy times, dozens of SBC fodder cards might be won for thousands of coins cheaper than usual. To know more on how you could get FIFA23 coins fast and safely, you can visit