The Ultimate Guide to Xbox One Power Supply

by Coralie

Do you want to know what Xbox one is? Xbox one is a gaming console that was created by Microsoft. It is next-in-line to the Xbox 360. It competes with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U and Switch. Xbox one has games, apps, streaming services, and backward compatibility with some Xbox 360 games. Additionally, players may use Xbox one as a home entertainment center, controlling their TV power and volume with the console. 

Sometimes you may face problems with the xbox one power supply and cord. Below we have discussed everything you need to know about xbox one power supply and cords. Read on to know more.

Power Supply for Xbox One

The Xbox One uses an external power supply that plugs into an AC outlet. The Xbox one power supply is rated 100-240 volts at 50-60 hertz and delivers 12 volts of DC power at up to 7.5 amps.

Xbox One Power Supply Cords

AC Power Cord

A power supply brick is attached to the wall and permits a removeable AC power cord. The length of this cord is longer (5ft and 9 inches) than the DC power cord. If for any reason in the future you replace this cord with another cord that is not made for Xbox one, it will harm both the supply brick as well as the console.

DC Power Cord

The DC cord can be directly plugged into the Xbox one console. The length of the direct current power cord is 3 feet and 6 inches in length. This cord has a power connector that is connected at the cord’s end. It is used by the console as a power socket.

The Power Management System of Xbox One

The Xbox One console itself has a built-in power management system that automatically regulates the power consumption of the console and its accessories. When the console is idle, it will go into a standby mode that consumes less than one watt of power.

The standby mode can be turned off completely, or the console can be set to turn off after a while automatically. The Xbox One can also be powered remotely using the Kinect sensor or the controller.

Power Supply Placement of Xbox One, Its Noise and Temperature

When there are changes in the temperature of the supply brick the consoles start to heat up too. Fortunately, the supply brick is armed with an in-built fan for cooling that comes to life automatically as the console starts.

What Measures To Take To Prevent Damage Of Power Cords And Power Supply?

  • If damaged do not use without repair
  • Don’t wrap the cord around supply brick
  • Do not walk on them, or let your pets near the cords

Final Verdict

The Xbox One power supply and cords can be confusing, but you’ll know exactly what you need with this guide. There are three types of Xbox One power supplies: the AC Adapter, the DC Adapter, and the Power Brick. You will need one of these power supplies (or the battery pack) in order to use your Xbox.

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