What Makes Caliburn G Pod By UWELL Stand Out in the Marketplace?

What Makes Caliburn G Pod By UWELL Stand Out in the Marketplace?

The caliburn g pod kit is one of the top-selling products by UWELL. The kit contains:the pod device, replacement pod, mesh coil, cable, and user manual. Since its release in 2020, the product has garnered many positive reviews. That explains why every person who is into vaping will always choose this pod system when given a choice, even when there are many options. The positive reviews for the Caliburn G by UWELL can be attributed to its incredible features. So, what are some of these features that make this device stand out as the latest addition of UWELL products?

Features of the Caliburn G pod by UWELL

If you browse many sites that sell electronic cigarettes, you will realize that it is very confusing to make a choice if you do not know what you want. However, if you keenly look at the features of the Caliburn G and what people say about the device, you will not bother to look further because you will have found the best fit. Many reviewers and critics have referred to the Caliburn G as the latest pod vape kit gold standard. This is because of the features below.


The product features a simple but elegant design. For instance, it has a slender frame that allows easy and comfortable gripping. According to critics, it is one of the smallest pod systems on the market. Additionally, its body is coated with aluminum alloy for durability and easy gripping. The aluminum frame is tough but lightweight. Also, its "on button" features a gold ring decoration for added elegance. The product comes in six colors; black, blue, red, grey, brown, and green. Finally, note that pressing the button allows you to unlock the vape release mechanism so you can inhale the product.

Battery and charging

The vape pod kit has an internal battery with a 690mAh capacity and an 18W maximum output. The rechargeable battery is compatible with Type C charging. You can charge the pod by connecting its magnetic cable to the pod's bottom port. So, charging this product is as easy as using and refilling it.

E-liquid capacity and refilling

The vape pod kit features a 1.8ml e-liquid capacity, which is more impressive than most products in the same category. The large vape capacity allows you to enjoy longer vaping sessions. Also, it minimizes the number of refills you should do. Note that the product is also built for easy refilling. For instance, it features a plug-and-pull mechanism that allows easy refilling. Finally, the product is easy to clean and maintain.


This tiny and lightweight product does not have adjustable settings for temperature and airflow elements. However, this is not a downside because most vape pods in this size and category also do not have such options.


The Caliburn G Pod by UWELL is a unique and one of the finest pod kits constructed for seamless vaping. In addition, the vape pod system features an innovative childproof technology that ensures safety while allowing easy application even for newbies.