Where and How to Choose the Perfect Chandelier

Where and How to Choose the Perfect Chandelier

A chandelier is a classic statement to your hall, dining room and bedroom. It graces your house with its lightning. The best thing is that there are an array of chandelier designs. You can choose a beautiful chandelier that sparkles in your room. In addition to design, consider other few factors, including dimming options, light output, size and more. Equip yourself with all the information and choose the perfect chandelier for your home.

Where to get the chandelier?

Chandeliers are the perfect statement for your foyer. It is a decorative aesthetic that instantly grabs the attention of your guests. You can buy it from online stores like Alibaba. They have great options at various price points. If you plan to buy a modern chandelier, Alibaba has a variety of modern designs. You will find a range of high-quality chandeliers with outstanding features. Their chandeliers are comfortable and prevent lightning from entering your eyes. Plus, you will get authentic products with a warranty from verified suppliers.

Four factors to consider when selecting the perfect chandelier

The four factors to consider are position, style, size and brightness.


A well-positioned chandelier provides a 360-degree view to adore all decorative elements. The rule of thumb is to position the chandelier in the center. A chandelier in a central location lightens the room.


Measure the size of your room. If you want to hang a chandelier in your dining room, you need to measure the dining room table. A general rule is to hang a chandelier over the center of your dining room table with the lowest part 30-36 inches above the table’s surface. A perfect size chandelier prevents the glare of light from entering your eyes.


In terms of brightness, a chandelier illuminates a dim-lit room. To determine the lighting of a chandelier, calculate the lumens you need to lighten your room. For that, find the total amount of light required from the chandelier and other existing layers of light. A 100-square feet room requires about 400 lumens. In the context of light layering, determine which lights are the primary source of lights. Chandelier should not be the main source of light. Placing only one fixture in your room will not lighten the entire room. If recessed lights are the main source and your chandelier is an additional layer, your room will get the best lighting.


The most exciting part of buying a chandelier is choosing an adorable design for your home. A simple chandelier looks enchanting in any space. That said, here are the types of chandelier designs.

Modern Design

Modern designs are appealing and come with minimal decoration. Moreover, they provide ambient light. With a chrome finish and satin nickel, this design is aesthetically pleasing.

Traditional design

Traditional chandelier designs come with many crystals that illuminate the entire room. These designs add warmth, richness and charm to any room.

Contemporary design

Contemporary designs are minimalist design that does not include crystals but offer warm lighting to your room. Make sure the chandelier design compliments the interior of your room.